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My services include the following:

Initial site visit to evaluate the proposed location and to determine the best possible area or areas suitable for the Sporting Clay Course.  Depending upon the size, (acreage) of the land, this could take many days unless the owner has already chosen the approximate location as part of a "master" plan,  

The site will be retrieved from extensive Topo maps in my computer then a plan will be drawn to scale showing the selected area and position of the shooting stations. Numerous GPS way-points will be taken and plotted on the electronic plan.  Each station will be described with reference the target selection.  Photographs will show the shooter's view and the target trajectory paths.  Not only will the shooting stations be selected and defined by the possible target presentations, but consideration of viewpoints, vistas and backdrops will be included so the range is not only a place to shoot, but a place to take in the beauty of the surroundings while moving between stations.

Upon acceptance of the "draft" the access road/paths will be clearly defined.  Trap equipment will be ordered to suit the target selections.

Then we need to prepare the trap (target launcher) positions.  Limited foliage and trees will be selected and marked for removal if necessary.  Flight-path channels will be marked with ribbons and the areas between these must be cleared, again I will assist and oversee the contractors.

Shooting positions will be marked and the shape and levels of platforms will be determined.  My collection of station designs is endless with single level to multi level constructions possible.  Any towers that are required will be constructed according to plans supplied, or pre-formed "pole" towers can be purchased from third parties..  The traps should be housed in individual trap-house and again, there is a collection of designs or they can be tailored to suit the surroundings.  These can be constructed off-site, according to my detailed AutoCad drawings.

The trap equipment will be delivered and the installation of such in the trap-houses will be completed.  Control cables, or remote controls will be installed and test firings will commence.  At this time any staff who will maintain the equipment should be present to receive instructions on operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Landscaping and sound/safety defense barrier positioning will be determined and the placing of such items will be completed.

An operation manual and maintenance schedule will be delivered and target selection plans suggested (i.e. What stations are used for a 100 bird round, a 50 bird round?  What sequences should be used at the stations.)

The course is now complete and any marketing or managerial concerns can be discussed.

Sporting Clays Course design is the major design aspect of any "multi-discipline" club.  Although I also design other aspects of shooting ranges, Skeet, Trap, Pistol, Rifle, Laser, Sniper and Military, the Sporting Clay design makes or breaks the club.

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