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SKEET Field Layouts and House Designs. The drawings below
represent the design criteria in simple terms. They show how to
layout the field using tapes and triangulation method. They are the
simplification of the NSSA Drawings completed by Case -
a member of Shotgun World Forum

Examine Orientation Consideration
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There are several reasons that LAPORTE traps have been chosen for the Olympic Games.  First,
they have consistent target trajectory; the target flies the exact path every time.  No other trap has
that accuracy.  Second, the fastest release in the trap business; the target is released 2 targets
faster than any other trap.  Third, face exposure; the target has a slight upward tilt, meaning there
is a greater area to hit.  Forth, but not last, consistent speed. The target has a faster spin when
released ensuring a regulated speed and the target slows down evenly.  Other traps have a fast
release then an unregulated slowdown due to unstable flight.
World's Fastest Release
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