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Shown below are some initial design work on various ranges.
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LEFT - A basic design for a multi-use club having Skeet / Trap and Sporting Clays.  The client wished for 3 Skeet / Trap overlay fields with the possible expansion to 6 fields.  He was concerned about installing too many Sporting Clay stations so I designed an expandable course.  The track shown in red would be the initial install with three expansion legs to be added later.  The whole course was plotted, but only 12 initial stations were activated.  At a later date the other stations could be activated as demand increased.  This club was being installed in a flat corn-field in Iowa, so the berms shown on the Sporting Clay course would have to be formed from earth movement, taking note of the flood potential created by re-forming the earth.
Below, A Course design for Dunraggit Forest in Scotland. This is a circular route firing outwards from the path.  Note there is a cross path halfway round, to allow the course to be divided into two "9" station courses.  (Lower 9 and upper 9)
For the observant viewer, there is no obvious start point - this was to be chosen later as there were many possibilities to approach the track.
Proposed Course for Lazy Creek at Jackson Hole.  This course had to be designed along the base of a ravine, so most of the shots are up the sides of the hills.  Some stations were designed into side creeks where a few flat areas existed.

For a fuller appreciation of this design:
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All Sporting Clay Course designs start with walking around the site and hand-drawing a route with ALL possible station options. Once finalised, GPS coordinates are taken for the course to be fed into the computer and superimposed on area Topo maps.  The stations are then selectively eliminated according to various criteria. e.g. Water feature, too much foliage removal, direction of shot to neighbor, restrictive access to proposed trap location. etc, etc