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An Indoor Pistol or Rifle Range is basically an oblong box sealed on four sides, floor and roof.  These ranges can be stand alone, as in a Gun Club or, as generally is the case, they are built into a sporting complex,or in the basement of a building or private house.  There are many constraints on such a range and many "obstacles" to overcome.  To name a few:

The Shooting Academy designs Indoor Ranges to suit your requirements. Different uses require different designs and considerations.  For example:   Will it be only for the general public or can Military / SWAT teams use it for practice? 
If there is shooting from "downrange" the overhead baffle system is of a different design.          

Call Mike Davey for a meeting to discuss ideas, select the target system (Fixed - Pivot - Retriever - Laser - Screen Projection).

                                                     Ballistically safe           Soundproof                  Air quality                         Security
                                                     Bullet Trap                     Target Systems           Shooting Booths            Lead Disposal

Look at the following extract of my range design for a basic, underground  25 meter pistol range.
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indoor shooting range design by Mike Davey of The Shooting Academy.  Indoor shooting range Design is an art similar to designing an indoor rifle range.  Indoor shooting range design is undertaken by many designers, but only a few have the recognized ability to design an indoor shooting range that will rank amongst the top in the country, possibly the world.

The Shooting Academy has been involved with indoor shooting range design since 1982 and has completed numerous top designs.  These include The Abu Dhabi International Shooting Club in the UAE.

Back in Scotland, Mike Davey and The Shooting Academy completed the first Sporting Clays Course Design in Galloway.  This shooting complex would incorporate all disciplines of shooting, Skeet Shooting Design, Rifle Range Design, Indoor Shooting Range Design and all Shotgun Shooting Range Design.

However, the complex would be appreciated for its Sporting Clays Range Design being the center of the Shooting Academy project.

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