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The Shooting Academy is a shooting range design service., and shooting range consultation.  Shooting Range disciplines cover, sporting clays course design, compact sporting clays design, Compak Sporting design, rifle range design, rifle range plans, handgun range design, pistol range design, outdoor shooting range design, indoor shooting range design.  Plans for indoor shooting ranges, plans for outdoor shooting ranges.  There are multiple free documentation on shooting range design, free documentation on lead polution, lead mitigation, lead reclaiming, Skeet range plans, trap range plans, Olympic Bunker plans.  The site includes free documentation on designing compact sporting, free documentation on Compak Sporting, the design of indoor shooting ranges, outdoor shooting ranges.  Private shooting ranges, how to build an indoor shooting range, plans for indoor shooting range, plans for rifle ranges, plans for outdoor rifle range. There are free documentation on bullet traps, rubber berm traps and total containment traps. Documents and plans for target retriever systems, shooting stalls and free documentation for filtration of shooting ranges, or range filtration design.  HVAC for shooting ranges.
FREE Library
"….. Our fame for the Pete Dye designed Golf Course and the Clodagh designed Spa, can now be
added to with our Mike Davey designed Sporting Clay Range…."
Joe Hardy - Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa:

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If you are interested in finding out what
Sporting Clays or Compact Sporting Clays is all about.
or, you wish to install a
Sporting Clay Course or a Compact Sporting Clay Deck,
you came to the right site.

I'm a designer of Sporting Clay Courses,
BUT... over the years, I've uploaded so much information,
my website is more of a "shooting reference library".

I've created a Document Library that holds loads of downloadable PDF files.
These cover almost every aspect of shooting and are yours FREE.
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My early passion was designing Sporting Clay Ranges - (Sporting and Compact)
BUT has now overlapped to include all types of ranges for every aspect of shooting.
 Shotgun - Rifle - Handgun - Archery - Airsoft - Powderball.

Further, I design ranges for all types of clientele;
 Commercial ranges, private (home - ranch - farm), law enforcement and military.

My website has over 100 pages packed with thousands of photographs and diagrams.
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