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This page contains free downloadable documentation about all aspects of shooting ranges.  Indoor shooting range and outdoor shooting range documentation and design plans for shooting ranges. Skeet plans, trap plans, skeet drawings, skeet range design. Information on the air filtration and HEPA filters for shooting ranges, Design of air filtration systems for shooting ranges, outdoor shooting range safety. How to design an indoor shooting range. How to design shooting ranges and the profitability of shooting ranges.  Free design documents for indoor shooting ranges and outdoor shooting ranges, covering all safety aspects including berms, baffles and backstops for shooting ranges and includes information on bullet traps and air filtration.  Also includes information on alternative filtration systems. Describes the use of Action Target bullet traps including Action Target TCT total containment trap
This section contains free documentation on shooting range designs, lead management and EPA rules. Free documentation includes designs of outdoor and indoor shooting ranges, building an indoor shooting range and shooting ranges in general.  There are numerous informative free documents describing many aspects of shooting range design.  I add new free documents to this site periodically.  My business is designing indoor ranges and outdoor range for all shooting disciplines, also designs for sporting clays and clay target courses.  There are numerous free documents on government rules and regulations on shooting ranges and lead pollution, lead remediation and lead mitigation programs, lead cleanup and the use of Apetite II The Navy Range Design, Army Range Design and Air Force Range design.
 Also, lead mitigation in shooting ranges, lead mitigation law, lead mitigation program for shooting ranges and lead remediation. Shooting range airflow, shooting range building code, permits for indoor shooting range, types of shooting ranges.  Indoor shooting range air filtration and HVAC conditioning of indoor shooting ranges. Outdoor shooting ranges, berms and backstops and bullet traps including Total Containment traps from Action Target.  It also covers the difference between rubber berm traps and Total Containment Traps.

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