Sporting Arrows
by Laporte
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This is the first automatic trap in the world capable of throwing a variety of
aerial and moving targets for fun, leisure and competition.  It brings a whole new dimension to archery that is challenging and can be enjoyed by everyone.
Sporting Arrows is the new Archery Game
With the Archery Trap, this game can be anything and
everything that you want it to be:-

      *    Fun Rules for pleasure and leisure in the garden,
           on the beach, at a BBQ, private parties, camping
           grounds, holiday resorts, country fairs, etc.
      *    Informal Rules for corporate entertainment,
           country hotels, golf clubs, paintball, country fairs,
           archery training, etc
      *    Formal Rules for competition at shooting &
           archery clubs, schools & colleges and national and
           international events.
This trap has been designed with safety and simplicity as the guiding principles.
It is extremely user friendly and requires no tools to operate or adjust.  Very clear safety instructions are provided and must be observed. For maximum safety and enjoyment when shooting, always exercise caution and common sense.
The archery trap is portable and autonimous.  It comes with its own trolley and is powered with a 12V battery.  It can therefore be used anywhere, provided the minimum safety area of 30m (100ft) x 120m (400ft) is observed and that the machine is positioned on level surface.
Yes.  Both the angle and height that the target is launched can easily be adjusted (no tools required) to suit the indoor facility.  Heavy woven close mesh Archery netting (commercially available) must be hung behind (and alongside if necessary) the trap to stop the arrows.  Bows should be restricted to 40lb draw weight and the use of Flu Flu arrows is strongly recommended.
The Archery Trap, is available as a complete "Ready to Go - Easy to Use" package which includes everything that you will need to get started - Targets, Bows, Flu Flu arrows, arm protectors, demonstration video and a comprehensive Owners Manual that includes assembly, operating and safety instructions.
The Phoenix 65T25 offers a vertical Teal, a parabolic Looper and a Bolting Rabbit along the ground.  The path is easily changed by adjusting a sliding guide.
Bows - Long Bow, Recurve Bow, and Compound Bows are all suitable.
- for reasons of safety and comfort it is strongly recommended that only Flu Flu arrows be used.
Yes, completely.  There is no noise, the targets are non-toxic and reusable and the arrows are retrievable.  It is possible to arrive on a green site, set up in 5 minutes, enjoy hours of fun and leave without a trace of having been there.
The beauty of the Archery Trap and Sporting Arrows is that it can be anything and everything that you want it to be.  For fun, the rules are what you make them and for competition, there are already some suggested Rules available if required
Archery is an instinctive sport, particularly when shooting moving targets.  With the Archery Trap you are able to clearly follow the path of your arrow in respect to the moving target and immediately make auto corrections necessary.  This together with the rapid 2-second re-arming time of the trap, will allow you to maintain both rhythm and concentration to improve your performance.
We offer a variety of target release options.  The Phoenix Trap comes with a cable release button as standard.  Also available is the option of a remote wireless release, voice activated release and if you are practicing on your own, a foot pedal release.
The targets are made from patented Ethafoam formulation with a density that effectively stops the arrow and also allows for easy extraction.  The targets are light, waterproof, washable, non-toxic and completely harmless if striking or falling on a person.
Each 25cm (10") target is capable of withstanding in excess of 500 hits.  If the target is struck every time that it is launched (highly unlikely), the magazine of 65 targets will have a life expectancy of 65 x 500 = 32,500 launches.
More realistically, if each target is struck 1 in 4 times that it is launched, the life of a magazine of targets increases to around 130,000 launches - a year or more of fun. depending on useage.  (By comparison, the life expectancy of one magazine of archery targets is equal to approximately 15 pallets of clay targets.
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