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Shooting Range with a Difference.

If you've read my other documents about shooting ranges and the costs involved, you've already seen that to set up an Indoor Shooting Range is a lot of money, and I mean A LOT!  

Apart from the building, the equipment and filtration can run from between
$250,000 to $1,600,000
Add a building, with pro-shop, lecture rooms, restrooms, gun strong room and ammunition store, then stock it with guns, ammunition, accessories, and you're possibly into $1,000,000 to $4,000,000.

Don't get me wrong…. Although this is a big investment with say 10 - 15 staff and an inventory of around $1,200,000, the return could be $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 per year. 

Good business if you're in the right place and have a large population to "draw from".

O.K.  - My business is designing shooting ranges. I want you to have one. I design ranges from Shotgun (Skeet / Trap / Sporting Clays)…. through rifle, pistol - outdoors, indoors, commercial, private, military, Airsoft, Paintball, CQB, MOUT, Laser Scenarios and Archery, I survive through helping your ideas and dreams come true.


A lot of dreams for something BIG have to start with something small, and if that "small" is a new innovative game that's just getting off the ground, and it has a proven record for enticing a new type of highly addictive shooter, a game that can generate a $100,000 plus income from less than a $6,000 investment with no problems of permits, pollution or noise and with no consumables, then surely it's worth spending twenty minutes or so looking at the documentation and videos below.  This could provide the pathway to your dreams of starting your own business and very quickly earning an income within a few days.  As there are no special permits required, and no EPA regulations, you just get a business license, a sales tax number, insurance and you're on the way to your new venture. 
Equipment is in-stock ready for immediate shipment.
Once delivered, initial assembly time is around 75 minutes.  After then, each setup time is about 15 minutes and your customers can "shoot".
Order it Monday, have it delivered by Thursday, set up Friday shoot Friday.

So what's the game?

Check out this video first…

Now we'll look at the marketing and income possibilities.

Sporting Arrows
The HOT new Archery game from Europe

          How much land do we need?             100 yards by 40 yards.

          What's the TOTAL cost?                              $5,895

          How much do we make?         $20,000 - $100,000 or more per year

          When can I get one?                       NOW   -  602 432 7878

Where we can set up this game?
A large garden, a football field, a school, a hotel, a golf-course, a camp-ground or summer-camp, a resort or farm, even a beach.
Gymnasium, hotel ball-room or conference center, school, community center, warehouse, vacant factory, barn, tent.

PLUS - On the Road
With the equipment mounted on a trailer you can rent your game out to:
Bar-B-Q's, Children's Parties, Church Fete's, Country Fair's, Corporate Games.  Open days at Golf Clubs, Archery Clubs, Fish and Game etc

                                 So how do you charge for this game?

Bare with me on this, I'll make some comparisons with Shotgun Shooting.
I know you possibly wanted to start an Indoor Shooting Range, but let's use these Shotgun comparisons - it's easier to compare apples with apples.

First we look at the Shooter's side.

Two dads and three kids want to go shooting on Saturday morning. 
They set off to a local gun club.
They do not have guns, ammunition, ear defenders or glasses.
They arrive at the range and register at the clubhouse.
  They want an hour's worth of fun, maybe two.

What do they require?
5 rounds (50 targets per round) of
Sporting clays $20 each = $100
5 Shotgun Rentals at $10 each = $50
5 Rental Glasses at $5= $25
Ear plugs usually free = $0.00
Ammunition: 250 rounds at $8 / box of 25 = $80

Total for 1 hour = $255.00
Maybe share a couple of guns, take off $20.00 = $235.00

One Hour entertainment = $235.00

NOW, let's take the same group on Sporting Arrows.
Game Rental for 1 hour = $100.00
Bows = free / Arrows = free
Glasses = not required / Ear plugs = not required
Ammunition = not required

One Hour of entertainment = $100.00

Now let's look at the entertainment value…
Sporting Clays….

Shooting Sporting Clays involves moving from station to station each shooter shooting 5 targets per station = 10 stations.

Shooter 1 takes the stand and shoots his first 5 targets, the other four stand waiting and waiting……………  After all 5 have shot 5 targets each, they move to the next station.  The shooter's participation is 20% action vs. 80% waiting for his turn

Sporting Arrows….

Five "shooters" - archers, form a line ready to shoot. 
The target is released into the air and all archers aim at it.  If anyone hits it, their arrow sticks in the target then it falls to the ground.  There could be two or three archers hit the same target, it doesn't matter, --- as the target doesn't shatter (like it does in Sporting Clays), each shooter knows if he hit it because his arrow is "stuck" in it.  Because each archer is using different color arrows, there is no argument as to who hit it. 
So….  Each archer has a bunch of arrows in front of him and as each target is released into the air, he can fire at it.  There is no limit as to how many shots you have, it just depends on how quick you can "reload".
When the team is out of arrows (say 100 arrows), they go collect them, and start again.  In the hour session, each archer could fire an arrow every 15 seconds…  what's that? - 240 arrows!  Sure beats 50 shots and a lot of waiting for their turn at Sporting Clays.
BUT… bear in mind…  you have to go pick up your fired arrows to use them again - now that beats buying ammunition. 
The Sporting Arrows trap holds 65 targets (re-usable), so once the trap is empty, and the 5 shooters have released a bunch of arrows, it's time to reload.  Four shooters will go collect the arrows, while the fifth shooter reloads the targets.  In reality, the group wouldn't fire 240 arrows each, because they would use some time collecting the arrows and reloading the foam targets into the trap.. 
Let's cut the time by a third…  160 "shots" each is a lot more than Sporting Clays.
Sporting Clays                                            Sporting Arrows

50 Shots each                                             160 Shots each
One hour = $235.00                                    One hour = $100.00

Now let's look at the OWNER'S point of view.

At the end of the day, pick up the targets, pick up the arrows and put the trap on the trailer - nobody knows you were ever there.

Try that with Sporting Clays - let's see……
A six hour day has left 93 pound of lead shot on the ground, 1500 plastic wads and 375 pounds of target fragments.

While we are on the subject, let's look at the 6 hour day….

For ease of calculation let's assume groups of 5 shooters come every hour for 6 hours….

Analysis of the day.   Six groups of 5 shooters / archers.

                                          Sporting Clays                             Sporting Arrows
Each group pays                 $   235.00                                         $100.00
Six groups pay                    $1,410.00                                         $600.00

What did it cost me to earn those funds?

                                          Sporting Clays                             Sporting Arrows
Targets                           1500  =  $   90.00                      Re-Usable            =    $0.00
Shot shells                      1500  =  $ 360.00                     Arrows re-usable  =    $0.00
$450.00                                                           $0.00
Profit for day:

                                   $1,410 - $450  = $960                       $600 - $0   =  $600
                                   350 lbs Target Debris
                                   94 lbs Lead shot                                        ZERO
                                   1500 plastic wads
                                  1500 empty hulls

                                      Now look at capital expense:

                                Sporting Clays                                             Sporting Arrows
                 Ten stations x two traps = $65,000                      One Trap         =  $ 4,995
                 Five O/U Shotguns         = $10,000                      Five Bows       =  $    250
                 Five Glasses                   = $        30                     Set of Arrows   = $    650
                                                             $75,030                                                  $ 5,795

BUT… you say - we have ten Sporting stations that can handle ten groups while only one Sporting Arrows.  I agree BUT.... we want to start an income generator - cheap.

To start Sporting Clays = $100,000        /        To start Sporting Arrows = $6,000

                                                                              Sporting Clays       Sporting Arrows
Can I take equipment around to parties?                       NO!                        YES!
Can I operate without a permit?                                      NO!                        YES!
Can I set up the game "anywhere"                                 NO!                         YES!

There are many ways to earn from Sporting Arrows:
The best way is per hour regardless of the number of shooters.
You can charge between $100 - $250 per hour on your site.
Take it to parties or BBQs - $600 per day / $1000 per weekend.
Rent a space at a county fare ($200)  - charge $5 for 5 arrows.
"There were 15,000 visitors and we made over $2,600 in 2 days!"
A great return on investment - and no mess to clean up!

Now you're convinced you want one - How to proceed?

The complete package:

One Archery Target launching trap complete                        $4,995
Set of 65 Re-Usable targets (500 hits each)                        $       0
Bow and Arrow Package (5 bows and 65 Arrows)                $   900

               Buy 2 and get 5% discount on both packages.

Lease Option:        $2,500 initial payment then $1,800 per month for 3 months.

Rent Option:            $1000 per month (minimum term 5 months 2 payments up-front)

For lease or rental, customer must provide proof of insurance (Liability and product)

                       Any option:  Shipping is extra (approximately $400 each way)

Call :  Mike  602 432 7878

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